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2 for 3?

Starre made a few points about being an eco-chick:

…..you feel your blood pressure rise every time someone throws a cigarette butt in the street or out a car window.

….you sincerely wonder if there isn’t something that could be done with lint, vacuum bag fillings and all the old hair from your brush.

….you take home your recyclable items from work because they don’t have a bin for them (and sometimes you surreptitiously grab glass or aluminum from the breakroom trash if it’s on top) and take that home too).

The last two, yeah...I feel the pain. And this is why my hair brush is always so full of hair. Maybe someday I'll figure out wtf to do with it all. However, the first one...I don't get all huffy when people throw their cigs out the car window. Not because I don't care that they are being a jerk, but more because I'm scared that its going to fly up and somehow get into the car window or something and burn me or something else in the car with me. So I just get scared of them. *weirdo*


|| Kian, 2:56:00 AM