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Eating a Giant

I just moved into a new house and for three days I was without internet or any type of electronics, so I read a lot. I read a book of short stories, and three really stood out to me. The Drowned Giant, Let’s Stop being Hysterical and Our Water Sovereignty at Risk. They all had the common theme of the environment. Which was lucky for me seeing as this is what interests me. The environment, as I’m sure was all know is a precious and fragile part of life. It holds the future of all human lives and supports all living creatures, but human nature, hind in hand with greed, has put a startling and dangerous amount of pressure on the earth. The three short stories I read all examine the disputes within politics, social corruption and resource depletion which have all been caused by human inflicted environmental devastations thus resulting in corruption of all these aspects of life.

Let’s Stop being Hysterical and Our Water Sovereignty at Risk are both about water depletion and how we’re facing a global dilemma because eventually there will not be enough fresh water to sustain any populations, even though it is already clear that it doesn’t support enough populations now. The Drowned Giant [TDG] is about a giant that washes up on the shore of a village. All the people of the village some to look at it, the politicians try to decide what to do with it and end up taking pieces of it. The community sees this as unfair, and they too start taking pieces of it. As the giant is slowly degraded people try to protect it, but no one listens to them, and the giant gets to the point where there is nothing left on him to be used…but the community has become totally dependant on him and his pieces that they all die because they no longer have a source of energy, food or anything else necessary for life. The only thing about this story that would lead me to believe that it is not about the environment as a whole is that nothing on the giant was renewable, and there are renewable resources, so the giant could just have represented nonrenewable resources that we are depleting extremely quickly.

Another interesting part about TDG was that some people were not allowed access to the giant at all. They were unable to step foot on the beach and were told to find other means of surviving, it was the aristocrats turning their noses up at the struggling, who are really just running of self interest just like them. Unfortunately in this world the struggling are looked down on, they have a lower standard of living so why should they be allowed to achieve equality through equal distribution and equal opportunity? That just makes no sense make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

TDG made me sick as to how truthful it was. People were climbing all over the giant, just as we climb all over the environment. Non-appreciative of the beauty that is here for us, and that we are depending entirely on the earth to live. Instead we climb on top pipes in our hand and stick them down the giant’s throat and start pumping the guts out.

- Kian

|| Kian, 12:57:00 AM