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The Introduction Post I s'pose

Kian here, with a succinct intro of what me and my companion Metroid are up to. This isn’t meant to be an overly academic place, or even a politically correct one. Metroid and I intend on posting what we like, when we like and how we like. This may come in the form of school essays that we believe should be shared, news that we hear and feel we need to voice our opinions or whatever else seems to surge unreservedly through the late night tapping of our computer keys. (I say late night, because generally speaking during the day we’ll be off doing our various things, whether it me Metroid’s unwavering plan to get her criminology degree or my continuously varying plan to get approximately 40 degrees in the next four years that will obviously end up with me having none, but on a more hopeful spectrum a PhD at some point…in something…) Comment freely, if you’re a dick chances are I won’t delete your comment but I will have fun pointing out the fact that you’re a dick. Also, feel free to e-mail me directly with anything.

|| Kian, 10:33:00 PM