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A Week of Learning

I have no background information or opinion on this topic, I only became interested approximately 2 hours ago and had to look into it a little further. If anything is wrong, if I missed something interesting, or whatever, please, tell me.

My eye openers:

The Arab Human Development Report published by a group of Arab researchers from the UN Development Program concluded that out of the seven regions of the world, Arab countries have the lowest freedom score. More specifically U.S Commission on International Religious Freedom declared that Saudi Arabia is probably the worst tormenter of religious rights in the world. In most Arab countries, under the Islamic law women are accorded a role inferior to that of men, and are therefore discriminated against with regard to persona rights and freedoms. According to annual reports by the State Department, most of the Arab states are ruled by repressive government, which deny their citizens basic freedoms of political expression, speech, press and due process.

In many countries human rights apply but they also have limitations, Saudi Arabia is known as the birthplace of Islam, which in the century following Mohammad’s death (632 AD) spread west to Spain and east to India. The cultural environment in Saudi Arabia is highly traditional and the country will remains to follow Islamic religious law.

The central institution of Saudi Arabian Government is the dominion. The Basic Law adopted in 1992 declared that Saudi Arabia is a monarchy ruled by the sons and grandsons of King Fahd Bin Abdul Al Aziz Al Saud, and that the Holy Koran is the constitution of the country which is governed on the basis of Islamic law. There are no political parties, no national elections. Now we see that Saudi Arabia’s human rights record is weak, due to the lack of freedom of religion, women’s rights and freedom of speech.

Saudi Arabia’s government has developed their power on one religion, and its pressuring other religions. Religious freedom is forbidden in the country, and the government will not accept under any conditions, anyone practicing there own religion other than Islam. Many people have been kept in prison and then deported for doing such acts in public. Non-Muslims are to worship in such a manner to avoid discovery by the Government or others. The Saudi government does not approve non-Muslim activities in public because they fear that their citizens that are exposed to this will become filled with corrupt ideas and change religion or start some sort of rebellion. I can only imagine something like this trying to fly in Canada.

There are no equal opportunities for men and women, and the women are the one’s who are being burdened. There is very little expected from women, because it is a mal dominated country. Women need supervision by a male relative in any condition, such as traveling inside and outside of the country. At Riyadh’s King Saud University, professors lecture to rooms of men while women watch from a TV in all-female classrooms. The restrictions for women have increased on public activities. Some of the Saudi people actually believe that women were born to serve men, bear children and raise them they do not want women to open their eyes and become independent this would threaten the flow of their society and have the women actually recognizing that they are underprivileged and demand rights of their owns allowing them to live actual lives.

The restriction of freedom of speech and press in Saudi Arabia is given by their own government. The government controls the television, radio, newspaper, internet and literature. Criticism of Islam, the ruling family and the Government is not allowed. Newspapers receive guidelines issued by the Information Ministry on government positions on sensitive issues. If I am not mistake this happens in a lot of areas including Singapore and many Middle Eastern countries. The basic law states that the media’s role is to educate the masses and boost national unity and that it can be banned if it gives rise of mischief, compromises the security of the Stat and its public image, or offends man’s dignity and rights.

As I mentioned earlier, if any of this were to be pulled in Canada, there would be a lot of up rise and none of it would be stood for. …It really baffles me that people live in such restrictions and are so content with it. I know that this is their life and they can’t just up and leave it, but I believe that excuse is a poor one of the sake of one’s personal freedom.

|| Kian, 12:58:00 AM