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A- Age of first kiss: Honestly don't remember B- Band you are listening to right now: Augustana C- Crush: No D- Drink you drank last: Currently drinking water E- Easiest person to talk to: Diamond :P F- Favorite ice cream: The plain vanilla at Dairy Queen G- Going on your next holiday: BC this summer with Kian H- Height: 5'3 I- Instruments: I used to play the recorder and piano (I sucked at piano playing) J- Jelly Flavor: Green..er..lime? K- Kids: Someday.. Just one L- Longest car/bus ride: When we drove to Labrador M- Major issue: I hate repeating myself. So much. N- Nicknames: Metroid O- One wish: To get out of where I live alive or sane P- Phobia: Walking over bridges while fast paced cars are underneathe me Q- Quote: We know what we are, but know not what we may be - Shakespeare R- Reason to smile: Its a beautiful day, there's hockey on tonight and I passed anthroplogy S- Shoe size: 7..sometimes that's too big. T- Time you woke up today: 10:30 am U- Unknown fact about me: I'm thinking about double majoring in Criminology and English..yep..English V- vegtables: corn, peas, lettace, cabbage, bbq'd peppers mmm W- Worst Habit: procrastination X- Xmas gift you really want: to be in newfieland with my entire family Y- Your dream date: I have no idea.. I dont think about dates. Z-Zodiac sign: Aquarius (is that spelt right? It looks wrong) -bored metroid
|| Kian, 9:11:00 AM