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And So It Begins

I started my summer courses today. I am taking, the history of religions, a history course called current issues...the topics are on Natives, Immigration and Women, and Astronomy. So far astronomy seems really interesting, but never 1/2 as interesting as the other two. Someone made a comment inside the religion course today, that atheists shouldnt be taking it, because they'll be unable to appreciate religion, where it come from and its role in the world today. I have yet to post that I am an athiest, and was offended from that, and to point out that her christian ways (she said she was christian) were not being portrayed through any sort of inclusiveness or lack of judging, but I'll get around to it. On a totally unrelated note, I've been having issues wtih my mom's computer all week. IE crashes, as does FireFox, which I didn't expect. So now I'm using Opera, which is alright. But, I am formatting tomorrow and starting fresh. I have yet to talk my mom into allowing me to put Unbuntu as the primary OS. ...So I guess I'll just go with XP... So because my courses started, it could have one of 2 effects, I post less due to lack of time, or I post more due to new sprung ideas and people acting stupid. So we'll see how that works out. --Kian
|| Kian, 7:17:00 PM