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I don't really like Windows, over at UTI Alon doesn't like Windows either. Usually I don't bitch about it though...but today...ooooh today.

I haven't had to deal with the blue screen of death (BSOD) for a really long time. I run Linux on my laptop most of the time - unless I'm just firing it up to go on MSN or something futile like that, then I'll load windows XP, but I've never got the BSOD on my laptop before...and I still haven't. But today, I got it...4 times on my mom's computer, and once on another one. >:-| I've been using my mom's desktop computer as my bitch computer. I put all my games onto it, and if I'm on my laptop doing things like making a blog entry or something I'll use her's to have a million windows open at a time that I can just...read and research or whatever with. So today I wanted to put some of my school work onto her computer incase my laptop decides to poop out on me 1/2 through my summer courses. (*BREAK*...I'll break from my windows rant just to explain the issue with the lappy. I seem to have blown a capacitor or something inside of it. ...It heats up a lot, and sometimes just flat out won’t charge. It gets so hot that the charger melts occasionally. My step brother - king dork - says he has never seen that problem before *ever* and he ran a laptop repair company for a while. Anyway, I got a second opinion, and they told me to stop using it [I’m on it right now...] and that I will probably only get another 2 or 3 hours out of it. [it’s been on for at least 72 hours straight] Anyway, there is a possibility its going to crap out on me shortly, and I don't want to lose all my summer course work, so I've decided to just do it all on my mom's.)

So, I could have just e-mailed myself all the work, but I decided just to throw it onto my flash drive and stick ‘er in and get it all off of there. My mom’s computer was virgin to the flash drive, so when I penetrated her with my drive’s hard end it screamed. …Well, screamed to install the new driver. …Then *BAM* there it is BSOD. I take a deep breath and restart her. Me being as persistent as I am tried this 5 times, swearing to throw the useless piece of crap out the window if it wouldn’t work. (That wouldn’t have done much, being in a basement apartment and all) Anyway, it worked. Gaaaah. Whatever.

I hang out at this place call Webstation. (If you haven’t figured out that I’m a total geek already…that right there should have given it away.) The Webstation is just a place for kids or teenagers to come and hang out, play computer games, or the X Box 360 they’ve got hooked up there or do whatever. I strolled in there one day, and met these 3 guys that work there daily, so now I go in daily to hang out with them and…be geeky. Anyway, we were programming a website today, 2 of us on one computer and 2 of us on another. Me and this one guy were doing a really cool Flash Video for the opening page…and *BAM* there it is again. I nearly cried.

I hate Windows. And I hate the BSOD. And on my next computer I’m *only* going to use Linux. Check this out…!! Halarious!

- Kian
|| Kian, 7:30:00 PM