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Daily Dancer!

Okay, usually...I don't peruse the internet looking for stilly videos that will make my sides hurt from laughing. Nor do I usually give sites like Daily Dancer a second glance. But I came home from work today (which I will get to a bit later...first days at work are never spectacular...) and there it is up on my mom's computer. I had just finished a triple shot caramel macchiato from StarBucks (because I am a consumer whore sometimes) and was a bit wired, so I wasn't quite ready to start reading posts and such right away. Never in my entire life have I laughed so fucking hard. The post titled "Don't Touch it!" is my absolute favorite! Second is "Yeah, yeah, yeah" where he dances to Usher and hides behind the chair as part of his dance routine...and third is the "Kung Fu Fighting" one. I can't even express how hard I was laughing. Daily Dancer Guy - I love you. As for work ...it sucked. It was so boring and one guy I work with, Jordan, is a total douche bag. I told him to go fuck himself at least 3 times, and he took this as me liking him...*eye brow up* whatever. The other 2 guys I was working with were alright. Just a bit immature and stupid. There was one girl that i *really really* like and would probably marry if she were gay, but turns out today was her last day. *d'oh* so I'll never know if she likes girls, and me. Oh well. Anyway, GO WATCH DAILY DANCER!!!
|| Kian, 5:07:00 PM