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I think the best game of the entire NHL season is being played right now. In the first period both Buffalo and Ottawa scored 2 goals. With 10.6 seconds left Buffalo tied it at 6-6. Un-freaking-believable game. Honestly. However, in 8 minutes the Colorado game starts, so that means I won’t be watching the over time of this game. …If anything interesting happens you’ll have to hear it from Metroid – I will however update on who wins in the end. (its times like this I wish Ottawa had Marty as their goalie.)

The Natural Recourses Defense Council has a really great website, click here to see it. It has lots of good news on it, and has really great information on enviro stuff. Check it out.

I’m sure the majority of people out there have heard of The Onion, but I found ... the most hilarious, but at the same time the least hilarious article I’ve ever seen come out of The Onion.

An exuberant Clarkson said the Bible drop was the culmination of one of the largest and most aggressive grassroots fundraising drives ever undertaken by the organization, which was able to fund the mission largely through local charitable events, such as bake-offs, barbecues, and pie-eating contests.


Clarkson added: "And when we opened up the back of the truck and they saw that it was full of Bibles... Grown men and women wept in front of their children. That's how moved they were by the Holy Spirit. That's how I know it's all been worth it."

Clarkson said her mission will succeed in bringing the people of Niger "the spiritual sustenance they've been deprived of," despite such obstacles as the nation's 18 percent literacy rate.

In one way, it’s a hilarious parody on the stupidity of giving the bible to people who need food, and saying that the word of the ‘Lord’ is going to help them at all. In another way, it’s really sad, because of how often it happens, people don’t use their fucking heads.

On that note, Im going to go now and be incredibly productive in my life by watching the Avs game while being unreasonbly nervous that they might lose *breath* ...Maybe Teemu will take it a bit easier because he used to be an Av...think so?...I can wish.

Well then, that didn't take long. 15ish seconds into the first period of Over Time Mike Greir of Buffalo scored on Ottawa. ...That's really too bad. I would like to take this opp to point out that the Ottawa goalie's save p is 0.64...is that even playoff worthy? Throw the back up in.

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