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Do do do do do phenomenon

I watched The Hour again tonight…uh huh, I love it. George-ee-o did a segment on a documentary called The World According to Sesame Street from the Sundance Film Festival. So, what if everyone lived on Sesame Street? Even in times of the KKK in the United States, race wasn’t an issue on Sesame Street. No body would really care if Bert and Ernie were gay, and no one alienates Cami for having HIV. On Sesame Street, there is no huge government systems, religions segregation, racism, and the closest thing to poverty is Oscar the grouch. It’s all over the world and I know I personally grew up with it. I would watch it every day at lunch while eating my soup with my dad. Sarah and I always compare John (grandma’s boyfriend) and Paul (our step dad) to the two grouchy men who criticize everything…(you know…the guys at the end of the phenomenon song?...hi-larious) We all need to move to Sesame Street.
|| Kian, 9:04:00 PM