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Ever wonder how to spot a hostile robot?

Ever worry about human evolution going to robot revolution? Or how about needing to now how to spot a rebellious robot servant? Well the site Robot Uprising will fully prepare you for the robot revolution. You'll be fully equipt with the proper knowledge of how to suvive a robot uprising! My favorite is How to pose as a humanoid robot!
CHANGE YOUR HEAT SIGNATURE Stuff aluminum foil in your pants. Rub your exposed skin with cool mud. Hang a hulking piece of gold metal around your neck and slip into an Adidas jumpsuit. Your heat signature will not match a healthy robot, nor will it match a healthy human being.

The guys who did the site, actually wrote an entire book on it too called How To Survive a Robot Uprising...(that link will also give you many options on how to purchase a copy, if you feel the need to do so.)

I found him through a link on the hour, go to The Hours website, and at the side four pictures down is the interview. I'd link to it directly, but it..wont let me. The robots he talks about in the interview are amazing.

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