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A few random things...

First, CBCs 2005-06 NHL Year in Review...
A tie game in hockey is sort of like being forced to kiss your younger sister - an unpleasant family obligation forced upon you by your parents.
There are a few things that I disagree with. The first being that Staal was that good...he was good, but not worthy of any any special attention. Second, I think Marty was much better than Kipper, especially in the playoffs. Third, I think it's a bit harsh on Crosby...he was under too much pressure and too many people had unrealistic expectations of him. Also, I don't think Lindstrom was the top defenceman...I think Chara was the best. I do agree wtih Heatley being the best come back player, he did phenomenal, and I also strongly agree with the rookie of the year pick - but I think everyone would agree with that. Next, over at one of my favorite blogs Pharyngula, PZ has made his best post ever.
This was starting to make sense. Now the first line could be unscrambled too - DIVINE TRUST SOCIETY is code for DISCOVERY INSTITUTE. That's the conservative think tank that serves as headquarters for Intelligent Design. The same letters also spell " dirty vicious tenets", but that's probably irrelevant.
Halarious, especially if you've read the Da Vinci Code. ...(I also don't suggest you read the Da Vinci Code if you haven't, its horribly written, and I think your time would be better spent going to see the movie. It is very rarely that I suggest movies over books...in fact, I think this is a first for me.) My next random tidbit is from Grist, it's not really over spectacular, but the name of the post literally made me 'lol'.

It's Like We Peed in the Entire World's Snow

Pesticide traces found in snow on high mountains in national parks

Love Grist magazine. They get all the enviro info and dish it out with a slice of halarity. And finally, over at Daily Kos - Science Friday has been released...a little peice I read weekly. It's usually pretty interesting, I haven't read this weeks, but it's there, so I'll get around to it sometime today. I lied, this is the finally.... Banana fiber cushions --Kian
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