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the good ol' hockey game

I’ve been having trouble lately coming up with opinions on things, it seems that when school ended, my brain went on vacation and I’ve been in a rut.. But I’m sure that my brain will come back to me someday. I was reading the headlines of today’s news, and stopped immediately at the words “Edmonton hockey fans create beer emergency” and just had to comment on it. Gotta love Canada and their love of beer and hockey, I know it’s at the top of my list. Edmonton is up 2-0 in their best of 7 series against the Anaheim Might Ducks. 2 more wins and they are going to the final (against the winner of the Buffalo-Carolina series that is tied at one game a piece) So GO OILERS! Bring the cup back to Canada for the first time since ’93, not to put the pressure of an entire country’s yearning for the Stanley cup on The Oilers shoulders or anything. They play tonight, in Edmonton, should be a good game! The bars on the ‘Blue Mile’ should be loaded with beer in anticipation of some celebration! =) -metroid
|| Kian, 5:00:00 PM