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Harper and I aren't enemies today...

So, I hate the guy pretty much...but he's just announced to send an additional $40 Million to Darfur for food and water and all that snazzy stuff we take for granted daily. But, my love for Dalton is only raising! He has started a project that entails all of Ontario's fuel containing at least 5% enthanol by 2007. What's really cute is that the article I just linked to is from Chatham Ontario...a smallish city that I was born in. :) Turns out Chatham has the only ethonal plant in Ontario, but also the biggest one in the country. Some people say the ethonal gig is a step too small too late...but with stats like this:
The new standards would be the equivalent of taking 200,000 vehicles off the road or reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions by about 800,000 tonnes, McGuinty said.
That kind of makes me think "Well, at least it's something"
|| Kian, 3:43:00 AM