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I Love The Hour

If you're Canadian, you know what CBC is. If you're younger than apx. 30, you know what The Hour is. And if you had cable a few years ago and watched Much Music, then you also know who George Stroumboulopoulos is. And if you're into guys, you have a crush on him. For those of you not falling into those catagories, The Hour is a news show on CBC hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos, who is probably the hottest Canadian guy ever. ...*ever*...I really think to understand how bold of a statement that is I must remind everyone that the following males are Canadian: Greg Moore The boys from Treble Charger AND Sum 41 (Additional points to George for *actually* being punk rock and not punk rawk) Jim Carrey Neil Young Bryan Adams Dan Aykroyd Joshua Jackson (yes, even hotter than our beloved Pacey.) Devon Sawa Im not going to go through them all, but 53.1% of the NHL is made up of Canadians...George is hotter than all of them...with *maybe* an exception going to Brenden Morrow, who is my favorite all time hockey player only next to Roy and Forsberg (who luckly for my current case, is Swedish, not Canadian...) Patrick Roy*** Howie "Im freaking amazing" Mandel Yes, George is hotter than Hower Mandel, congradulations George. *** I might take that back later...I pine for Patrick Roy. Anyway, George is a good looking fellow. But onto more important things, and that is that he is probably one of the most intelligent people broadcasting the news today. And on top of that, the issues that he deals with matter. Its not bullshit that no one cares about, and he doesn't sugar coat the truth, which is always nice. Too often I've gotten angry with reporters trying to make things seem a little bit better than they actually are. He gets it out there, and lays the facts on the table. ...For that, I respect him and the news that he gives out. I suggest you all watch it, if you have the opp. For me, its channel 28 - CBC News World at 8 pm and 11 pm ...and Im pretty sure I see it at 2 am. Ah, and BBC New World comes on at 6pm on 28 as well, I highly recommend tuning into that...very good news broadcast right there. Anyway, big props to George for being awesome and talking fast...Don't listen to people who tell you to slow down...its efficent. I love it. -Kian
|| Kian, 2:48:00 AM