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I'm new to this whole blog world.. I don't really know what to write about half the time. But, one thing that really interests and excites me is hockey. And since the second round of playoffs starts tomorrow, I shall put forth my playoff picks...(And if I don't soon write something my other half will probably beat me) So in the Eastern Conference there's: Ottawa & Buffalo-- I say Ottawa will take it, although Buffalo is on a high right now from their last game against Philly, the Sens pretty much have all the players and skill to take the cup... If they don't buckle. And I'm pretty much in love with Redden and Spezza and Healthy.. So as long as their top guys can rack up the points and Emery continues to stop pucks the way he does, I think they've got a good shot New Jeresy & Carolina-- I think this series is going to come down to goaltending...so there's Brodeur against Ward... Brodeur against a 22 year old backup goalie, who is doing pretty well for himself...but Brodeur is probably the best goalie in the playoffs right now, with the absence of Kipper:( And in the Western Conference there's: San Jose & Edmonton-- I'm totally rooting for Edmonton :) I don't really know San Jose all that well, aside from the fact that they have Thornton and he's pretty awesome.. But I think Edmonton is on a roll and has the confidence boost they needed when they elimiated the best team in the NHL (HA Detroit HA HA) Colorado & Anaheim--Both these teams elimated teams that were cup contenders, so it really could go anyway. I'm picking Colorado..so we shall see how that goes. Maybe I shouldn't pick Colorado, so I don't jinx them, and Kian won't kill me when Colorado looses... hah It would be AWESOME to see a Ottawa-Edmonton final... how crazy would our country get then? I'd say there would be some major parties from coast to coast. But, let's just take it a round at a time... And honestly, what do I know? I'm a Leafs fan and I thought Calgary was going to win the cup *tear* LOL Next year ;) -Metroid
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