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I..still...love The Hour

While my internet took a momentary relapse into the land of “I-love-pissing-Kian-off” I realized it was 2 am, which means time for the third airing of what is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. (And hey, the fact that I actually turned the TV on for a show is something, usually I don’t bother and download it off a torrent later.)

And there was George, it hasn’t actually been that long since I made my last post about him, ranting away as usual and then, he scared the hell out of me...with his segment on the net being 'under attack'. What? What?? The net is my life.

So a friend of mine Alon at UTI talked about this, and made a post about it already. *blushes* I actually do read the blog! I must have somehow skipped over that post.

Anyway…read his post about it, and the two that he links to, they’re really good. This is a topic that everyone should be concerned about immediately. On myspace you can add “Save the Internet” as a friend, and I suggest that you do, I did and so did over 4000 other people.

Think about how blogs affect the news that you find out? Think about the amount of bias that we see floating around on TV with CNN and all those bs stations. The internet is really the only place that doesn’t have censored, biased news where people can actually converse about things without having to shut their mouth because “the man” is watching.

Another point Jesse Hirsh made on his appearance on The Hour was that all of the ‘big things’ on the net right now like myspace, Google, Firefox etc., were all started by a couple of amateurs trying to make the web better, but by big companies.

Save The Internet!

In addition to that little story that George graced us with, he also mentioned something that I laughed about …for a very long time. Eagle watch getting more viewers than Canadian Idol. He he he.

Also, he mentioned the Picasso Portrait that was sold for for $95.2 million US. Think about how much more could have been done with $95.2 million. ... That could have saved thousands of lives. I feel like this is the perfect time to link to Sarah M's video World On Fire.

Its what she did with all the money she was given to make her video, instead of wasting it on stupidity like a Picasso Portrait. I cry almost every time I watch it. ...Watch near the end, a little boy is dancing in the middle of the road... :) That's my favourite part. Although after reviewing donation sheet, I realized...I could do all that too instead of getting my university education. ...It makes me feel, selfish. -- kian

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