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Kian's Playoff Picks

I expect something from Metroid shortly, as I sent a small threat to her earlier this afternoon. Chances are she's going to post her playoff picks, and something else...I know for sure I'll see her picks though, because she loves hockey just as much as I do. So, the playoffs, shwat is going on. In the first round, we had: Ottawa vs Tampa Bay Calgary vs Anaheim Detroit vs Edmonton Nashville vs San Jose Carolina vs Montreal New Jersey vs New York Rangers Buffalo vs Philadelphia Dallas vs Colorado The majority of people I know would have said the winners would be Ottawa Calgary Detroit Who cares Montreal New Jersey Philly Dallas But...instead we have the following teams playing each other, (inside the bracket is how many games it took them to win the series) - followed by who I think is going to win the series and in how many games... San Jose (5) vs Edmonton(6) - Edmonton in 5 Anaheim (7) vs Colorado (5) - Colorado in 6 Ottawa (5) vs Buffalo (6) - Ottawa in 7 Carolina (6) vs New Jersey (4) - New Jersey in 4 For those of you who don't know - Colorado is *my* team. And also, the lack of Philly in that line up means that Peter Forsberg is out on the golf course right now *sigh*. He is my man. We're getting married. Also, the four teams in the Western Conference that won are the bottom half of the standings for that conference, which is a really big suprise. It was a bitter sweet victory for Colorado - as Dallas is my second favorite team. So, after that, if my picks are right...we'll have: Edmonton vs Colorado Ottawa vs New Jersey The good thing about this is the following:
  1. Colorado is my favorite team
  2. Ottawa is my second favorite Canadian team, my first, Vancouver, didn't even make it this year...so sad. Anyway, go Canada!
  3. Edmonton - again, go Canada!
  4. New Jersey's goalie is the Canadian Martin Brodeur...it is almost impossible to get a puck past this guy, it's amazing. Although for some reason Mikka Kipper of the Flames is getting goalie of the year. Yeah, because he did a real good job keeping the freaking ducks out of his net eh? The DUCKS!...
Anyway, my point is, no matter what happens with those four teams, I'll be happy... Granted, I would love for Colorado to win, and if not them then Ottawa, but still, no matter what the turn out is I'll be happy. Im just excited that there actually are playoffs this year! Oye. Stupid lock out business. -Kian
|| Kian, 2:21:00 PM