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Killin' in the name of the Lord

In an earlier post Samis mentioned the Lord's Resistance Army...so here's what that is exactly... The Lord’s Resistance Army was founded in 1987 by Joseph Kony in an attempt to have Uganda governed in accordance to the 10 commandments. In 1991 ‘Operation North’ was installed by the Ugandan government, in which armies armed with bows and arrows attempted to attack the modernly armed LRA, obviously without much success. Up until 1994 negotiations with the LRA were also unsuccessful. In 1994 it became a matter not only concerning Uganda as the LRA took grounds in Sudan. It was at this time that Kony started targeting families and children, abducting up to 30 000 children over the last 11 years. In 2002 attempts to bring down the LRA by the National Islamic Front did no good, as the LRA came down from the Sudan basically slaughtering anyone in their way. Kony’s reasoning for all this, is that these people were all on the governments sides, so they ‘must be finished’. Now approaching 19 years of rebellion Kony still has yet to be stopped. A BBC news article on the group says this:
“Twenty-thousand children have been abducted - often forced to kill their own parents so they have no way back. They are used as expendable troops - frequently not even given guns to fight with. Only 200 core combatants are fully armed with weapons supplied by the Sudanese government and other sources.”
The worst thing that I read about this apart from the thousands of children that were taken and forced to fight was that after international recognition by the UN in 2003, there was still little effort to stop the fighting totally, and instead criticism towards the Ugandan government for not being able to stop the fighting. Really now, if they had the means to stop it, I’m sure they would. However in 2005 an international warrant was issued to get Kony and a few LRA commanders, but the LRA will not surrender unless they are given full immunity. November 2005, LRA leader Vincent Otti announced that he wanted to have peace talks with the Ugandan government. Anywho, there's a brief thing on who they are. Sound like really nice people! My favorite part is how they're not being hypocritical of the their original reason for fighting. I can count *any* commandments that they're breaking! [/sarcasm] *All info I got from Global Security and Wikipedia
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