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"Loser hippy girl"

So I was watching channel 51, which is some teen’s network. It plays shows about 16 year old girls having crushes on boys, and getting in fight with cheerleaders and thinking that they’re too fat. Why was I watching it? …Because I have crushes on boys, get into fights with cheerleaders and think I’m too fat…no, I just happened to be flipping through the channels and landed on that, and there were girls screaming at each other, so I stopped to watch a bit. I watched a smidgen and quickly caught on that it was about these three ‘loser girls’ (two named Sam and Carmen) and one (Carmen) who really wants to be on the cheerleading team so she needed to impress the ‘cool girls’. So, why am I relaying this? Well, this one ‘cool girl’ goes into Carmen’s hot university brother’s room and starts hitting on him. She puts her arms up in the air, and her armpits are bursting of hair. I know a lot of girls that don’t shave their pits; some are too lazy others say they see no reason to change their bodies…whatever, do what you want to yourself, I don’t really care. I didn’t really think too much of it. But then the Sam comes in and makes fun of the ‘cool girl’ saying something like “Is it past midnight, the pumpkin patch is growing back under your arms.”… In return the ‘cool girl’ retorts with “You know what, you’re just a loser hippy girl anyway”. Ahhh, it all makes sense to me now. The hot university brother, likes Sam, and this ‘cool girl’ thought that if she didn’t shave her armpits – because you know…all enviro lovers don’t, right?...please. – then the boy would like her. Oh, I got a laugh out of that. The ‘cool girl’ then runs into the other room and rips off her fake armpit hair and goes and treats Carmen like shit …or something like that. It was a detailed plot, that wasn’t very good, so I won’t get into it any farther. I just think it’s really ridiculous the names and labels that comes with being environmentally friendly or being ecologically conscious. Although more frequently I hear hairy armpits being connected to feminists, it is something that is sometimes tacked to earth lovers as well. In addition to that, I know that pot smoking is usually connected with the ‘hippy’ way of live, as well as sandals (most commonly burkenstocks), tie dye, peace and love etc. My friends also like to point out very often that I wear “hippy skirts”, because it’s my friends saying this I don’t really care. However, environmentalists are not the only ones who wear them so I hate the tag. Also, sometimes people will look at me, and they would never guess that I’m an environmentalist. I’ll be wearing a skirt and shirt from some place like H&M or Old Navy, have my hair all blow dried and done, and have my face plastered with makeup. Then people don’t take me seriously when I talk about the earth. …So we’re ridiculed for being “hippy losers” but not taken seriously if we try to break that stereotype, at least personally. Well, lucky for me I don’t care. But I think the wrong message is getting put into the 16 year olds heads that being eco-friendly, politically informed and intelligent makes you a ‘loser girl’ that will never actually fit in with the ‘cool girls’. --Kian
|| Kian, 8:09:00 PM