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May 2-4 pour Metroid

Well, safe to say I pretty much suck at blogs. I can't think of anything to write about... I'm in a rut. I don't think anymore.....I just sit. And watch things online and by things I mean One Tree Hill. Nothing really interesting to talk about. However, I will get out of my rut, and find some things to talk about. I'm not usually this boring. At least I hope not, that would suck for the people in my life. This weekend will be fun--Wooo Whoo for time with Kian, it's been TOO long. I think the longest we've been apart all year. So, I will get around to writing something interesting one of these days..when my little brain starts to think again. Until then, I'll continue to waste my days away -metroid
|| Kian, 9:14:00 PM