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Monday Morning Music part 3

I’m so torn this week. I can’t decide between Wolfmother, Meatloaf or David Usher. I sort of decided on Wednesday to do David Usher, because I was upset and listening to him really loud and remembered how much I love him. But then, I bought the new Worldmother album, and it’s phenomenal! But, I don’t really have anything else to add to that. So I started writing the David Usher post in my head and started it “on a hot summer night…” and then started to sing the Meatloaf song in my head that starts with that in the beginning which then sparked my forgotten love for Meatloaf. But, I love David more, so instead of offering my throat to the wolf with the red roses, my love will save the day.

This week's Monday Morning Music is devoted to the only man who ever came close to changing my life...

David Usher (For the full Love Will Save the Day video *click here*)

So...I'll start how I planned to, it was a hot summer night and Sam and I went into Port Credit in Mississauga for the Water Front Festival. The WFF is something that goes down every year in Port Credit, and it's usually not any fun unless you're 19+, but we went anyway. Tor was going to be there watching a David Usher concert. I thought nothing of it, but I'm always down for a concert.

His concert, was almost life changing. I'm usually really moved by music, I love the way a good concert feels because the music like pounds through your body... but this time, it was different. Just everything he sang about was amazing, and his voice is incredible... It was a bonus that I knew a couple of the songs like Black Black Heart and Alone in the Universe. After the concert we bought his new cd, and I listened to it none stop for over a month. I bought another one of his CDs Hallucinations, and listened to it, again, none stop.

Last year me, Metroid and Tor all went to another one of his concerts in Hamilton. This one was even better. Not only did I know all of the songs, and get the microphone right infront of my face. But the atmosphere was so good. It was a really really small crowd, so David was able to interact with us all very easily. And the best part was afterwards he stuck around in the lobby to sign autographs. So I met him. It was a brief moment, but he just smiled so big and so perfect that his contentness with the world was so apparent.

So now I own all 4 of his cds, plus a single track cd that a guy from Isreal sent to me for free.

This time instead of just listing lyrics, I’m going to list each album, and a song or two that I find to be amazing off each album, plus some lyrics off the album. First is Little Songs (1998 EMI Music) On the cover he is holding a dead ugly fish, but has one of my favorite songs Unholy, Dirty and Beautiful. Another really good song that I’ve never actually heard him perform live, but would really like to is Trickster. The album is really actually a good introduction to David Usher because in just 10 songs he really portrays who he is and what he stands for. He also gives a really good example of what his voice can do, when he was in Moist, prior to his solo years, he really didn’t have the opportunity to show how much talent he had, but this CD shows it.

“My god left me without one word of warningMy god left me waiting is all that I got” “I'm the trickster burned so badlyI still hate you motherfuckers everyoneWore my sickness so politelyI can't be your everything to everyone”

Album number two was Morning Orbit (2001 EMI Music) This CD was the one that actually popped out a few songs that became more famous. The first song on the album, How Are You, is the song he opened with at both shows. Although this is the CD that got the most attention, it’s my least favorite of all four. I really like Black Black Heart and Alone in the Universe is pretty good… but other than those and about 3 other songs, I can’t really get into it as much as the others.

“I think we're alone here you and II think we're alone left wondering why” “And it's always tough when there's never enoughOf the good things comingAnd there was never enough for you”

(Lol, I’m pretty sure that song was written for me. :D ) Album number 3 is Hallucinations (2003 EMI Music) This is my friend Nima’s favorite album, and the one he said I *had* to buy…hehe. I bought it, but not because he told me to :P Anyway, it became my favorite too. Almost every song on it is good. Numb, Devil By My Side, Fearless and If you Tolerate this your Children Will be Next are the ones I like the most I think. But it’s a CD that can get put on, and left on for hours, yeah, it’s that good. The song Hallucinations is actually one of my favorite ones to sing really really loud while upset and crying…hehe.

“But I thought you should know, That inside I've grown cold, And I fight every day to lose control” “Have your friends all changed? All the people that you thought would be around, As your life goes grey” “Who of us are openWho of us have freedom reallyWho of us can tell what these dark days will bringAll of us are hurtingAll of us are crazy nowAll of us are watching the world as it spins” “Believe that hate will never die, Believe in sex and love in a dangerous time, Believe in grace and your intelligence, Believe in exploring the corners of the mind, Believe your truth is not my truth, That God can exist with many faces at one time, Believe that we will find a way through all of these things”

*Those are my favorite lyrics by him…ever*

"The future teaches you to be aloneThe present to be afraid and coldSo if I can shoot rabbitsThen I can shoot fascists" "And if you tolerate thisThen your children will be next"

His last cd, If God Had Curves (2005 Evil Empire Inc.)

This CD is comprised almost entirely of what I've heard him sing at concerts. Its a really good album. ...Long goodbye is cute and tear wrothy. Love Will Save the Day has a pretty good message to it. I suggest you go listen to it. This CD has a shift from Hallucinations where he was almostt bitter towards politics and life and stuff, to just being happy and trying to stop fighting and to live in peace with yourself and who ever is around you. It has more of a ..."get the message out there" kind of sound to it.

"Come on sell me more of your religion 'cause it's sure to make a change Last night god was on the tv screen Taking dollars for their pain"

"hey kids what are you rocking for"

"im laughing at myself today and im breaking from the strain"

"another atheists love is passing you by so i get high high higher cant fake a life so beautiful"

Gorgeous songs. All the pics on here are taken from David's Website. It has a really cool flash video:

And then! That cute little deer! EATS A GUY Hi-Larious.

You can also add David as a friend on Myspace.

I guess that's all. This post was a pain in the ass to do! But, I was presistant and overcame my frustration and withheld from beating the fuck out of this computer.


|| Kian, 10:54:00 PM