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Monday Morning Music

I don't listen to a lot of punk music, but I love Propaghandi. Before I get into this, I feel like I need to take a minute to explain who I'm talking about when I refer to "punks". I don't mean Blink 182 or Avril girls, I mean Dead Kennedys and The Punk Show. I mean studs and tattoos, not ties and too much eye liner.* Generally speaking, from my keen and so obvious correct observations of my punk friends, is that they are smart in the sense that they can tell you everything that's wrong with the government, and 'the system'. Propaghandi is no exception to this. Their songs don't convey messages that are filled with 'bling bling' or materialistic bullshit. Instead their lyrics hold trugh for those willing to oepn their eyes to the world. All of the following lyrics are from Lyrics Freak, so big props. I've taken out some quotes from the songs that convey these worldly truths, and really make me respect the band.
"In which god's name will we be killed?" "On this day of rememberance let us not kneel and pray for the dead. Let us stand and activate for the living, to rescue those about to die at the hands of bullshit politicians... I can't believe we're content reshuffling the same old decks of kings and gueens and faux-democracies." "Don't take a stand; just take commands until I'm dead." "As time passed I realized we don't need rules to survive. Just common sense and means to subsist. ...The basis of change: educate! Derived from discussion, not hate, not myth, not muscle, not etiqueete. Intellect, not re-elect! Status symbols yeild to respect between sex, species, environment." "Homophobes are just mad because they can't get laid." "I'm not ashamed of my recurring dreams about me and a gun and a different species (hint: starts wtih h and rhymes with newman's) of carnage strewn about Stockyards, the factories and farms."
Some people may say they're just trying to sound political or hardcore, but they mean it all. You don't devote your entire band to singing songs like this, if you don't mean any of it. Anyway, that's my Monday Morning Music [it may become weekly, it may not.] Everyone go on now, and download some Prop. -Kian Ps. I almost forgot ... "ska sucks" :) *I am not dissing up too much eye liner, I do it myself; it makes my eyes look pretty.
|| Kian, 11:58:00 PM