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"The Price is Wrong Bitch!"

I don't usually rip off titles of other posts, but that's totally a quote from Happy Gilmore, and had to be used. If you have a question involving the environment, asking Umbra can really help. Today she answered a comment about organic food, and how it's so expensive. I lived with a guy at school that only bought organic foods. I went to the organic store with him quite often, but didn't buy much more than teas, crackers and other little things, because in comparison...it really is very expensive. You can say that other foods are just under priced, but that doesn't help students who want to be organic, but only get about $35 a week or less for food.
So there you go. Organic food is more expensive because it costs more to produce, has less support from the government, supply is less than demand, and in general we pay the true cost of food when we buy organic. When we buy conventional, we pay the fake cost of food.
*sigh*...so really, if you don't have the money - you cant buy the organic foods! ...But I agree wtih the end of umbra's post ...that going vegitarian does wonders for the budget and such. But really, can organic food even feed our entire world like genetically altered foods can?
|| Kian, 9:10:00 PM