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Okay! Top 10 time! And Unlike last time im *ACTUALLY* going to do it on Robots!! Woo Hoo! Soooo finally, the top 10 song list I've wanted to do the most *drum roll* Top 10 Robot Songs!!
  1. Mr Robot by Styx
  2. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips
  3. Sheep by Pink Floyd
  4. Reasons To Be Miserable (His Name Is Marvin) by Stephen Fry
  5. Robot Rock by Daft Punk
  6. Sky Robot Army by the Aquabats
  7. Robot Parade by They Must be Giants
  8. Robot by Tatu
  9. Robot Factory by Jimmy Eat World
  10. Humanoid Boogie by The Bonso Dog Band

Ohhh wasn't that fun?? :D that made my night.

|| Kian, 1:40:00 AM