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*sigh* ma hero..

Alright, I'll admit it now...I'm a little bit addicted to Myspace. I could sit there for a good 2 - 5 hours clicking through profiles, changing what mine looks like, leaving comments, listening to music...etc. (Did you know it was bought by Fox?! That's so sad. ...*sigh* to rant, or not to rant about global capitalism...) Today, after reading a couple pages, I came across Rachel Maddow's Myspace. And holy freaking crap. I watched the video that is posted on there, and then just had to go find more. One where her and Tucker Carlson go head to head on Carlson "comparing democrates to Osama" is amazing, and can be found here. Now, halariously enough, I really don't like Tucker Carlson at all in the first place. But she RIPS him apart just totally goes at it full speed ahead. This woman is amazing. Her passion, and her intelligence are so obvious from the first 7 seconds that she opens her mouth. She's so well educated having gotten her doctorate in politics at Oxford University. One of the first things I read about her on almost every biography is that she was the first openly gay person to be awarded a Rhodes Scholarship. She's also the host of The Rachel Maddow Show on Air America Rado which is live to air Monday - Friday 7 am - 9am est. Oh, and did I mention - ontop of all that...she's totally gorgeous. Fuck...she's my hero!
|| Kian, 8:14:00 PM