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Top 10 Enviro Songs

I love the environment. And I love music. So I'm going to combine them, and do a top 10 Environmental songs list. This list actually took me a very *very* long time to comprise. Not because of the lack of songs, but because of the over abundance of environmental tunes that I know. I will also have some honorable mentions at the end, that I just couldn't squeeze in.
  1. Rape of the World - Tracy Chapman
  2. Long Line of Cars - Cake
  3. Fall On Me - R.E.M
  4. Kyoto Now - Bad Religion
  5. Nothing But Flowers - Talking Heads
  6. Apeman - The Kinks
  7. Monkey Gone to Heaven - The Pixies
  8. Mother Earth - Neil Young
  9. Heal the World - Michael Jackson
  10. Traffic Jams - James Taylor
There are so many, really...the HMs to The Doors for When The Musics Over, Jon Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi, Earth Song By M.J, If a Tree Falls by Bruce Cockburn, Bad Religion has *so* many, Natural Beauty by Neil Young...really there are tons. I also have a ton of Feminist songs too, I'll do a top 10 of those another day, also religion...and I can probably do a top 30 very easily for war. Maybe I will. Yes, yes I will. But not tonight, its 6:23 am. Too late/early for top 30 lists. -Kian
|| Kian, 3:15:00 AM