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Wake up.

Eco-Chick's article on a panel discussion on Larry King Live hits a point that has me all heated over too...
What really pissed me off though were the questions coming in from the public. The concerns were still the “price at the pump,” which shows just how hung up we are on the microcosmic issues of oil. Wake up world: this is a global issue and it’s not just what’s coming out of your pocket…it’s about security, it’s about environmental health - your health - and about the state of the planet.
I hate the daily complains about the gas price, and how its rediculous and yadda yadda...but, its our own doings. And like Eco-Chick says...only in more crude terms, people need to fucking realize that we're killing ourselves, and the earth that we're on. ...Sustainable energy sources...are in great need. I hate so many people right now.
|| Kian, 7:52:00 PM