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What? Ice is melting?

After posting the preview for An Inconvenient Truth the punk started ragging on me for the video making the ice of the Arctic look like a huge deal. So, being clever like I am, I obviously schooled him on the spot and showed him why he was so wrong. (And of course that is code for lost total control and started to cry because I have too many emotions this week.) So after my slight breakdown on the issue, I decided I would go and find out at least three reasons why the Arctic ice melting, really is such a huge deal. Suprisingly, this took me all of 5 minutes. On the website The Hour, that I boast about so frequently George has posted a video all about whats going to happen when the ice has retreated enough. (As I have yet to figure out how to link directly to their videos [because both brothers are deciding to be arrogant assholes] I will yet again have to just describe where it is - it is the second video listed on the right. Update: Oh shhhiiiiat! I think I figured it out...*click here for Arctic Video*) In it George talks about the who is going to have the rights to the North West Passage for a trading route from Europe to Asia that will by 6000 km shorter than the current one that has to go through the Panama Canal. The big problem for Canada being that America doesn't recognize Canada's claim to the Arctic waters.
"And then the Lord said "Let there be earth" ...I'm paraphrasing"
Then he goes on to talk about the oil that is up there, and the Arctic being one of the biggest undiscovered reserves of oil.
"It's like a pizza in a dorm room after the biggest bong raid ...everybody wants the biggest slice"
The video talks less about oil and more about the North West Passage, so I'll just count that as one of my three points that I'm on a mission to discover. Next, at Gaurdian Unlimited an article devoted to the issue of the Artic ice melting. So, what does it have to say about the ice melting?
"Experts are worried because a long-term slow decline of ice around the north pole seems to have sharply accelerated since 2003, raising fears that the region may have passed one of the "tipping points" in global warming. In this scenario,warmer weather melts ice and drives temperatures higher because the dark water beneath absorbs more of the sun's radiation. This could make global warming quickly run out of control."
So, there we go... reason number two, it seems so logical, yet for some reason I had never really thought of it before. The article also goes on to talk about the Arctic ice melting as being one of the strongest indicators of global warming, and how rapidly it's happening - that is a point I was trying to make to the punk that got dismissed without a second thought. Finally, the third issue I found with the Arctic Ice melting comes from an article in Times Online about Polar bears. "The researchers were startled to find bears having to swim up to 60 miles across open sea to find food. They are being forced into the long voyages because the ice floes from which they feed are melting, becoming smaller and drifting farther apart. " Now, I'm not a huge animal activist or anything, but it's still a problem. The article also says that because the bears are so accustomed to swimming close to shore, the longer stretch across far waters leaves them open for issues such as exhuastion, hypothermia and larger waves. "According to the new research, four bear carcases were found floating in one month in a single patch of sea off the north coast of Alaska" The article ends with somewhat of an ironic tale of the man that is going out to study the bears and their habitat: "His last expedition was in 2002, when he fell through the ice and lost some of his fingers to frostbite" So there are three issues that arise with the melting of the Arctic ice, I know that when the punk reads this he's going to say "I was talking about the Arctic ice having significate increases on the coastal communities" So I would just like to point out a couple things he said in the conversation that I think this post is relavent to...
"What matters is the melting of ice in Greenland and Antarctica." " if the arctic pole cap melts, nothing will happen"
I think that from just these few things I've found - The Arctic melting also matters, just as much as Greenland and Antarctica, and obivously, *something* will happen when the ice melts... :D (hows that instead of crying?)
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