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I knew I'd get hectic and discontinue posting as often and I knew Metroid wouldn't post anything... consequently ... an envisaged snorefest. Snorefests are not pleasurable. To further validate my opinion on this issue I would like to include that so far the readings for 2 of my 3 courses can be deemed as snorefests and they, like the inactive blog, are not pleasurable. What is pleasurable however, are the class discussions that I’ve got to partake in lately. I've met a guy that who takes pleasure in the delight that is Red Dwarf and Dr Who, a girl who I am exceedingly jealous of, seeing as she gets to spend her summer as a princess at Disney Land, a lady who lives in Victoria saying that she would be keen on driving me around when I get there so I can get all the stuff I need for the new ...apartment/room/suite... whatever, I end up living in. That's exciting. Finally, the person I have so far enjoyed the most is the girl in my religion course, who in her introduction avowed her devote following to the catholic faith – and later added that any atheists taking the course might as well drop instantaneously seeing as they are heartless and will never be able to understand the true meanings behind religion and the roles it plays in our societies. (To her I responded that I understood religion very well, only liked to call it ‘opiate’. She didn’t seem to get it, but the prof commended my use of works that are apparently going to appear later in the course.) In regards to the actual courses, the religion one is probably the preeminent. The information is really fascinating; the prof is really laid back and really approachable with comments or questions and in addition to all that there isn't that much reading to do. There are 3 text book, but Ted (the prof) said that we only had to read them if we wanted to - that his intentions are for the entire course to be based on online resources. So that’s great, I e-mailed him then because I have other books by the same author and such, and asked if I could read those and still grasp the same concepts. He replied saying that would be great, and that giving new insights into the discussions would be beneficial for everyone. Score. Astronomy at the moment is comparatively boring. Right now we’re essentially learning everything I learned in my first year history of science course, and a ½ anthropology course I took. All that history about Kepler, and Aristotle and retrograde motion… you know, all those things that generally we all already know by second year university or if you watch the discovery channel too much. The first time I learned all this stuff, it was enthralling, I loved being to ramble off the different theories, and who built on what, and everything, but now I just want to know more and new things. I looked a head in the course outline, and in about 3 weeks we’ll be starting things that will be new to me. I can …hold off and manage until then. History of current issues, in and of its self, is really interesting – however having said that… the way the course is laid out and the amount of course work that’s involved is a bit of a downer. For the past two days I’ve just been reading pages upon pages of articles, which get so redundant. The worst part is when the articles get to the point where I think I could have written them better, and I’m not even a fabulous writer. This week I think I have 308 pages of text to get through, which would be fine…if they all weren’t fundamentally comprised of the same arguments. But all in all, I’m trucking along, enjoying having things too do with my days. I’m really looking forward to writing my first couple of essays, but also with each passing day I’m getting more and more fervent towards the idea that I’m going to be in Victoria soon starting at a brand new school, with a brand new landscape and brand new faces. I am 104th on the waiting list for residence, so I’m looking at rooms with renters, and apartments that are in the area. I think I’ll be renting a room; it will be much easier to adjust to the city, when I have people to adjust with and you know, point me in the direction of the school. Other than that, life’s on a bit of a slump “unslumping yourself is not easily done…” (Oh The Places You’ll Go) but I will, and things will be aces again. I ‘spose that’s all. Maybe I’ll just post some links up where other people have posted good entries… then I won’t have to write one! :) --Kian
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