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You're gay? get out of my cooountry.

The video is in two parts...so watch the first, then the second follows... This almost made me cry. "You don't look gay to me...you don't have a high voice..." I just got so angry that some people are so fucking ignorant to so many people on the planet. The one great thing that could come out of countries being 'modernized' by the States and Canada and such, are the human rights laws and values that come with it. Well, to a lesser extent the States. I think everyone needs to watch the Vagina Monologues to understand Vicki and to find a glimps of sympathy for her. There is one really great monologue in it about a boy, he just feels like a girl...I cried so hard when it was preformed the time that I saw it. Fantastic.
|| Kian, 2:12:00 AM