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But what shall we do??

Greenland's Ice sheet is slipping away into the waters, reports the LA times and MSNBC. Bascially, the name "Greenland" may actually start to be properly portrayed, as a 2 mile think ice sheet melts twice as fast as it was melting five years ago. Which also means that it has surpassed all climate models predicitions on the melting rates. The meltwater isn't only adding to the level of the ocean, but is lubricating the bedrock that is underneath. Which ultimatly resualts in the land glaciers falling into the water ever more quickly. How quickly is it melting? In 2005 the numbers indicated that Greenland was losing 52 cubic miles of ice every year.
"[The glaciers] are like the buttresses of the high cathedral. If you remove the buttress, the cathedral will collapse," - geophysicist Jose Rial.
Denmark will be monitoring the island. ...My mother suggested that I get a pen pal in greenland that lives on an ice sheet. That way when she stops sending me letters I'll know its time to leave Victoria and head for the mountains. :P
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