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Bye Bye Cervical Cancer

There was a vaccine passed by the Food and Drug Association on Thursday that will give females aged 9-26 protection against cervical cancer!!! Apparently, if administered before one starts having sex - we all know the more sexual partners one has, the greater the chance of contracting cervial cancer is- this new vaccine, Gardasil, prevents infection from the two strains of HPV that is responsible for almost 70% of all cervical cancers. While the side and long-term effects have not yet been discovered, this is still a big step towards something that has not yet been offered in the area of preventative cancer options. This also strikes home for me, for cervical cancer runs in my family, and I've been told there is a high chance of me developing it at some point in my life. While this vaccine may not be helpful for me - as it is not yet available in Canada, and I have already been sexually active- it offers hope for people like my sister, and future generations. And how knows, if this kind of vaccine has been proven successful, what is next in the path to prevent cancer? Very cool. -metroid
|| Kian, 4:47:00 PM