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Chatting with a minister

Living with my step dad, who is a minister, I meet a lot of religious people. I meet ministers, choir members, board of directors for churches etc. Well most recently I met a United Church minister that just got back from a sabbatical in Isreal. I'm just remembering this now, because early this morning Palestine fired 10 rockets at Isreal. Luckily, only one woman was injured, and no other casualities were reported. When I met the afore mentioned minister, one of the major questions my step-dad and I had was "weren't you scared? or unsafe?", because you hear things like these 10 rockets being fired, it's just so hard to imagine being in the middle of that. However, he said that he felt very safe, with the exception of one time. He was walking through a back street sort of setting, and men were staring at him while holding huge guns, I guess I'd feel a bit strange too. The minister also mentioned that at night he could hear the bombs dropping, and the gun fire but that it was so contained that he was completely safe, while 10 km over it was a war zone. It's such a weird idea to me, and something I can't get my head around, the idea of living in a war zone. Something I wish no one had to experience, but I selfishly happy that I'm not living in it.
|| Kian, 11:32:00 PM