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I don't usually bitch about boys

I don’t believe I’ve ever bitched about my current co-workers on here with the exception of my theocratic supervisor (who is *pushing* it lately, btw.) I work with this guy who we’ll refer to as Dave. Dave is a chauvinistic pig who exercises what I’ve recognized to be disgusting male privileges, colossal admiration towards the patriarchy and is so trapped within gender roles that it makes me crave throwing up all over him. Now, it wouldn’t be very nice if I just threw those accusations out there without some evidence. So, for this particular person I will briefly outline some cases in which one and/or all of these alleged characteristics were portrayed.

Case one: It is my first shift working with Dave. He seems to be pretty cool, he’s got some piercing and tattoos and looks as though he thoroughly enjoys a good punk show or two. This gives us an immediate topic to discuss: music. We talk about this for a while, and then out of no where he says “Hey, you’re a girl.” I wasn’t exactly sure what to say, but for some reason ended up saying “Looks can be deceiving” in a relatively serious tone, and then walked away. He follows and says to me “The only reason you got the job is because you’re a girl. Guys applied too, and just because you’re a girl you got it instead.” I decided not to dignify that with a response, but heard him say to another guy that we’ll call Travis, “I bet she puts out.” This resulted in me, literally throwing a full scoop of ice cream directly at him, hitting him in the side of the head and me being put in the back doing production work for the rest of the day. Maybe that wasn’t the classiest way to deal with the situation, but I felt it was the best way.

Case two: Dave and I are working our third shift together and we’re closing the store together. Closing the store involves doing a check list of closing duties, mostly containing cleaning the store, and handling the money. I had done these closing duties many times, and had been the supervisor for one of the closing nights before, so knowing I was completely able to do the money, I go to the till to get all the cash out to do the deposits and float count. However, Dave comes up and says “You’d better let me handle that…” while he took the money out of my hand. “Why? Because I’ve worked here for less time?” “No, because you’re a, well, you know…so you’ll do the cleaning better.”

Case three: I will do this one more script like. D: Are you a lesbian? K: Uh, why does that matter at all? D: Well, you just seem really bitchy is all. K: So lesbians are bitchy? D: Oh yeah, for sure. K: So all bitchy women are lesbians? D: Well, no, but you’re all gung-ho on women’s rights and shit too. K: So all bitchy feminists are lesbians? D: yeah, I’d say so. K: Well then you’re an even worse breed of idiot then I previously pinned you for. D: But you are a lesbian right? K: Yes, Dave, I’m a lesbian. (*I’m not really…well…that’s a long story…but I’m not at the point where I’d call myself a lesbian.*) D: I knew it. Never have kids. K: Excuse me? D: Kids need a dad, a dad to be in charge and lay down the rules and punishment. You and your wife will never raise good kids. K: …I hate you on so many different levels. D: Why? Because I get to be a bitch and it’s okay? Isn’t that awesome? K: …Never have children, okay? D: Huh? K: I’d hate for them to grow up thinking acting like you is acceptable.

Case four: It is our 6th shift together, and Dave walks in looking rather happy. I don’t care why, so I don’t ask. But, he feels the need to tell me anyway. “Guess what Kian?” …”*sigh* What Dave?” He gets a little more excited. “Do you know the Sarah girl that works here?” Of course I know this Sarah girl, I liked her for the first little while, then found out she’s a total psycho case, one of those rich snobby girls that go to western to fuck the brains out of anyone that will get her a head in life. “Yeah, I know” I say. Well, turns out she is working with us that day. I roll my eyes, knowing where this conversation is going. “I hear she’s a lesbian. You gonna rag on her for that like you did me?” “Fuck no! Will you guys PLEASE dyke it out for me.” …Ew. I walk away, while hearing Dave say “You’re just jealous because you can’t have me.” Ew.

My point is this guy is completely repulsive and an arrogant and ignorant asshole. He is an asshole and tests my patients more and more with every shift I have with him. This is exactly why I don’t make an effort to talk to people at work, as soon as someone starts to annoy you simply by being them; it turns into a HUGE mess and makes work even more miserable.

|| Kian, 9:22:00 PM