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HA! It was on my old Live Journal thing - yes the place that originally lost me my spot at camp. Oh well! This blog is generally not very personal, but this is! So here goes... 10 Random things about me you may not know: 1. I have a boyfriend, I've only actually *told* 3 people about this, I've mentioned it, but like, my friends and family dont know. 2. I'm not actually that smart. I fake being smart really well. I make up the answers to a lot of questions, and just get defensive when I know I don't know the answer and that the other person is smarter than I am. 3. I lie a lot. Not like, once every couple days, but like 9 times a day. Well, maybe not that much. I've actually started writing stories as to get all the lies out of me so they don't come pouring out in person. But I lie to people at work a lot...mostly because I know they'll mean nothing to me in a couple months. But I've learned not to lie to those who matter... aka My mom and best friends. 4. I don't do drugs. I've done drugs. But I don't do them anymore. For some reason a lot of people think that I am always high on something, but really, I'm not. 5. Jurassic is my all time favorite movie in the entire world, and I'm not even joking. And I watch America/Canada's Next Top Model, and enjoy it. 6. I really didn't care who won the stanley cup this year. ...1/2 way through the game I started to care, only because everyone else around me seemed to care, and I was sort of drunk. But I really didn't care and I don't really care who wins it next year. Although, I would still like to see Colorado play and meet Peter Forsberg and kiss him. 7. I eat an abnormal amount of pickles. 8. I'm turning out to be exactly like my mom...only...shorter. 9. I still talk to 'psycho steve' daily. if you know who he is, then you know that this is a very very very stupid thing. I also know that it is a very very very stupid thing. But...whatever. 10. If I was never to have sex again, I wouldn’t care. That was on my last one, and it still holds true, I don't think people fully believe me when I say that. I think its pretty over-rated and that a lot of people my age just do it because its supposed to be fun. "pfft she's never had real good sex than!!" ...spare me. 9 Places I've visited: 1. ...This is going to be really lame. Newfoundland. 2. Winnipeg ages ago to meet Paul's family...and there was this weird guy Drew who was like 5 years older than me that kept tickleing me. 3. Quebec City…for like a day, and I had to order in French, but my mom said not to because they should be bilingual, and I called her a jerk. 4. Ummm, Michigan. Metroid and I had to floor it to like 150 to keep up with my sister. 5. Ottawa just once, I believe... mom and I took pictures with women voting or something like that. 6. On Google Earth, I’ve been pretty much everywhere, does that count? 7. I visit Jurassic Park at least 3 times a week. 8. I was like, so close to going to Singapore, but didnt get the passport. (d'oh! i still need to do that.) 9. One time I had a dream that I visited this really cool planet called Wagnar, and it had a lot of purple things on it. 8 Ways to win my heart: 1. Intelligence to the point of awkwardness. 2. Be funny, and not stupid funny like Adam Sandler, funny funny like Rick Mercer. 3. Understand nerdy things, such as the importance of 42 and know what kind of River you wouldn't want to cross. 4. Have read Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy - and fully agree when adams points out that humans say things too often that are already implied. 5. Don't agree wtih what I say, especially if you don't agree with it... aka have some balls and put up a freaking fight. 6. One word: wrestling. 7. Be cool...like, able to function in a social setting without having me smack my face in embarassment for you. 8. Like good music. This is key. Right now I am listening to prefuse 73, if you don't know who they are, ... you don't win. 7 Things I must do before I die: (*most of these I've left the same as from my LJ) 1. Ride a goddamn elephant! 2. Visit every continent with the exception of Antarctica…And steer clear of Panama, something about that tiny slit of land just seems very shifty… 3. Get a PhD yet continuing doing research for the rest of my life or teach at a highschool like Mr. Smith. 4. Meet David Suzuki, again, and instead of crying actually talk to him. 5. Do something really fucking cool and drastic for the environment that will make people go “wow, that was awesome” 6. Be on some sort of TLC show, preferably Trading Spaces. (I miss Paige!) 7. Adopt a child and mold them into being me only hella smart so that they’ll do something wicked and end up in some sort of history/science book. Something tells me my gummy bear time machine, and sex driven anti gravity machine won’t win me a Nobel Prize or get me into any books, except maybe psychology ones, in chapter 6: Insanity. 6 Things I'm afraid of: 1. Heights; falling would suck, imagine – watermelon + CN tower…ack. No good. 2. The dark; you never know what is in front of you or what you can run into… 3. The future; see explanation for the dark. 4. Little bugs crawling into little holes on the body...or ...bigger holes, just holes. Ew. 5. Ending up in either of these two situations: 1. working a full time job that is something like a janitor or a secretary and being bossed around by pompous assholes that think they are smarter than me. 2. Having children and being a stay at home mom that cooks and cleans all day and stresses out because soccer and ballet are on at the same time this summer. 6. Getting to Victoria and hating it. 5 Things I don't like: 1. Chewing Noises. GAAH Someone in the movie today was chewing gum, I nearly turned around and slapped his dirrty face. 2. Not understanding things. Thats something I'm really not used to and it drives me nuts. 3. People who think I'm stupid, or talk to me like I'm stupid. Especially when I'm way smarter than them...example: Everyone I work with. 4. raw meat. gross. 5. astrology...stupid stuff. 4 Ways to turn me off: 1. Start talking about how god will keep us together and we can live our lives together through the values of Jesus christ our lord and saviour. 2. be all needy and stuff...and like really touchy. 3. say stupid things like "who is douglas adams"or "intelligent design roxors" or "disco is a really great musical genre" 4. smell bad. 3 things I do every day: 1. Go online and read the news, blogs, check my e-mail about 30 times, etc. 2. drink a glass of milk and eat at least 1 pickle. i love pickles. 3. sing really loud usually in the shower. 2 things that make me happy: 1. riding the bus with my ipod playing really really good music and watching people do their thing. I could do that all day. 2. get a mark higher than 95% on something. 1 Thing that is on my mind right now: Abraham and the Patriarchs living in the Mesopotamian city of Ur... I'm doing eastern religion readings...shut up.
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