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I never liked getting flowers anyway...

So I've just found one more thing to add to my list of "never buy again"s. (For a complete list of these things, and reasons why...go here...lol...and then read Fast Food Nation and watch Supersize me. Then, go and find out about Barnes and Noble. After all thing you will no longer feel right buying most branned name products, eating most food, but especially fast food.) Flowers. Sam's step dad gets us flowers for everything. Its how he apologizes, says happy b-day, happy valentines day...everything. Its also how I usually find a quick fix for t hings like mothers day if I don't seem to be anywhere near boxes of chocolate. (Yes yes, I hate giving into these fucking corporate holiday shams... but it just makes my mom so happy. and she's just so darn cute.)
The first problem is the vast amount of water that these huge flower farms use—more than 80,000 litres a day. Many of the growers are in African countries, such as Kenya, where the local people are suffering from droughts and lack of pure water, whilst the farmers are diverting it to grow over 52 million tons of flowers. Then there are the pesticides—since we all want pure, unblemished flowers to send to our sweeties, farmers are using lots of toxic chemicals and fumigants to kill off bugs. These chemicals may end up as poisoned groundwater and contaminated subsoils.
It really just...hits me sometimes...that fact that we do so many things that we just don't need to. And if were to do things such as simply giving hugs instead of materials, buy recycled kleenex, shop at local markets and ride our bikes our world would be more gorgeous. Props to my brother that does all of these things. <3 No props to my sister who does none of these things. But, I still love her in her pop cultured, materialistic, McDonald loving ways. <3
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