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I watch the news too!

Well, more like read the news.. Hmmm Some things I found interesting: Chinese baby was born with 3 arms. Apparently there has been no record of anyone with this baby's condition because they cannot determine which of his 2 left arms is the most functional. And they are still trying to figure out how to operate on him. Very intriguing. A cordless jump rope has been invented! This first caught my attention because a friend of mine once had this insane idea of inventing a cordless phone with a cord (weird, yes..but very funny for the both of us). There are weights in the handles of this "jump rope" that simulate the feeling of a rope being there... and is perfect for the clumsy people (like me) in the world! hehe UNICEF is ending its Halloween tradition of kids carry a box around with them while they 'trick or treat'. At first I was shocked!! It is being cancelled because of 'administrative and security issues'. Administrative issues such as, schools spending time collecting and counting the money and securtiy issues surrounding kids walking around with money on them. That's kind of sad. I used to like carrying around the little orange box when I was a kid, and collecting money for people who needed it..but UNICEF is apparently coming up with new halloween activities such as pledges and bake sales..... OH! And let's not forget that the Leafs signed Bryan McCabe to a 5 year deal! Whoooot -metroid
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