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Posts like this just irritate the fuck out of me. Honestly. Like, the stupid bs at the end is ...well, stupid and bs. And the quote its self is what has always bothered me about people. "Hey we don't need to give a fuck now, because we won't be here in 1000 years" ...Yeah, but we're going to be here in 10. Instead of destorying what we have *now* to live off of, prolong it by conserving it. I've always wondered why money driven jerk offs cant get their head around that... The fact is, we're living in the right now. Not in a million years. So C02 matters today, and tomorrow and next week and next year. It is in THAT time frame that we should be setting our eyes on a solution, or at least a depreciation to the destruction.
|| Kian, 10:52:00 PM