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An Inconvenient Truth: Review

So I finally saw it. Metroid and I were in a store standing in line to buy something and we heard on the radio playing over out heads “An Inconvenient Truth, playing at Rainbow theatres”. Well, how handy is that? I live a 10 minute walk from a Rainbow theatre, so tonight I took 2 hours out of my life to go and see it.

Strangely enough, the first thought that came to my mind was “Man, I should have brought my laptop to take notes”, instead of the pad of paper and pen I had brought along to swiftly jot things down. Unfortunately, I can’t read the notes I took, the theatre was too dark, and my writing is too chaotic.

The message that the movie sends is that we have a moral necessity* to make change, but instead we’re all sitting in perpetual darkness, so Al Gore is our guiding light. *Note that he focuses on climate change being a ‘moral’ issue rather than a political one.

However, Gore put somewhat of a depressing light over being an environmentalist stating that “Victories that aren’t victories. Defeats that aren’t defeats”. Sure, that’s how it is most of the time…but I was still a little unnerved by that.

That was my only beef with the movie. That Gore really pushed the moral side of it all, and made it seem impossible to defeat climate change. It wasn’t a movie for the already environmentalist, as you’d have to be a pretty uneducated environmentalist to go into and learn a lot of things. I found that most of what he said I already knew, so instead of being in shock, like I suspect other people in the audience were, I was making sure his science and his numbers were correct.

One thing I think I should address is that a while back when I posted that this movie was coming out, the punk got all up in my face about the ice melting and that raising the sea levels. …It is thoroughly explained in the movie, that rather than the ice caps melting and raising the sea levels it is the land ice that is melting. So that the Antarctic icebergs melt, that affects the land ice that was once being held in place by the other ice that falls into the water, which would make the sea level rise.

In addition to that the water that is melting on top percolates to the where the land ice and land meet the lower bedrock and create lubrication sliding huge pieces out of place and opening up craters in the middle of continents which consequently leave room for even more surface water and ice to fall into the sea or make their way to the sea.

The big picture of all that is that if ½ of Greenland were to melt into the sea and ½ of Antarctica then the sea levels would rise 20 feet. Now, a lot of people say “no fucking way” to that, and act as if it’s just a big scam to get people to listen. But, there were also warnings about Katrina, and that the weather would be getting more severe, etc. I wholeheartedly believe the fact that sea levels will rise to the point that they will be displacing hundreds of millions of people.

The Larsen Ice Shelf is what Gore used as more or less a proof of this. There were little ‘melting puddles’ along the shelf, and then within 32 days, the entire shelf was gone. There are similar puddles forming in Greenland already.

So that was one area that I learned more, I already knew that the ice melting would raise sea levels, but now I can explain it in a more detailed, and convincing way. I went with someone who knew little about the environment and climate change (well, knew some, but not all the numbers and science and such) and that person got a lot out of it, and was really shocked by some of the details. Where as I, nodded my head yes agreeing, as if he was simply confirming all that I have learned previously, and tried to educate others about before.

All in all, I loved the movie. I cried my eyes out.

Even though none of it was news to me, sitting there and seeing the earth, and seeing the pollution and just retelling yourself how fucked up the world is, hurts on so many different levels. People say that I’m going overboard when I say humans are ‘raping the earth’. But I believe that statement, and I feel as though everyone else knows it too – but they just don’t care, which can be a really heartbreaking thing to deal with.

And caring just carries such a heavy load. I spoke to my friends all through high school and my first year at university about the environment. About the importance of conservation, recycling, walking and all of those things… but so often got told to be quiet. And so often they were like “oh yeah yeah yeah, you’re right.” And then would leave a room with all the lights on, air condition on, TV on, computer on…it takes 30 seconds to turn these off as to add life to the entire earth.

It’s a movie that I really think has the power to cut through a lot of denial that’s been spouted from the mouths of people all over the world. He really does create a well balanced slide show of science and moral dilemmas to make people seriously consider what he is saying, and not to mention…it’s kind of scary the things that he shows.

The evidence is presented so compellingly and really people who criticize it for not being aesthetically pleasing or that it was simply a scream for attention are extremely off base. It should, however, have great impacts on who the hell should be president of the United States of America. It was a great movie, I urge everyone to see it… especially if you don’t want to see it.

|| Kian, 8:00:00 PM