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"jesus was flying"

Prior to Howard Dean's speech, 'George Bush' did a speech, and it was ...halarious. Saying we're at war with "iraq - iran and everything in between". During this Q&A section he was asked, why he hated black people, to take of his jacket so we could see his line feed and why we're not getting the terrorists that are in the southern states. His responses were that he doesn't hate black people..he likes some of them, that no one but Jesus was feeding him lines, and that he knows those terrorists - the little brown gay things. That was pretty darned funny...Howard Dean's speech, however, made me want to stick rusty forks into my eyes and then dump rubbing alcohol all over them while having to listen to Ann Coulter tell me how liberalism is a religion. ...He said a few things where I was like ..."oh snap bitches!" but the majority of it...I was just like..."Shut up." I went to the bank 1/2 way through his speech, (I have no idea where there is an RBC in London...someone should help me on that situation.... I found a BMO, but now I can't just all the money I deposited for a week...my birthday is on Tuesday...how do I buy copious amounts of booze with my money being all held up in the bank??) What I got back for was 1/2 the panel on building progressive infrastructure. I don't know who I was watching, but I really really liked him. I'm 98% sure it was David Sirota. I don't remember everything he said, because I got caught up in his speech as opposed to taking notes or whatever it is I do to make specific mental notes...but he made great points about creating our own media, and about all the BS that is spewed from the right with things like "cars are actually good for our air" apparently said somewhere at the TownHall. (I looked, and did not find, however, if I come across it, I will update.) Markos spoke later on...and he was fab like every other time I've seen him speak. (My stream was about 2 seconds off with the words vs. picture, but...oh well, if you stare at his eyes, you dont see his mouth.) He made a point that I for some reason never thought of, that if Kerry would have won, there wouldn't be such a huge deal right now going on about how a democratic government is *needed* its like that whole...absence makes the heart grow fonder. So now, democrates don't have to create huge logos, and huge 'mechineries' because people will almost be begging to have a democratic government. (Markos is adorable, btw, like...he's so modest, but knows he shouldn't be or something, i love it.) Anywhoop, im watching some blogosphere experts next, and then War , Foreign Policy & Activism (...i don't know who the panelists for that are yet...) theeeen a thing on net neutrality (which will probably be the only one I post about...if even that. ) and finally, there is a thing later on about using film to sway shit...but I don't think Im going to watch that one. I have a lot of homework I have yet to get around to.
|| Kian, 10:40:00 AM