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Just a few ...things.

1. Daily Kos blogger works with Walmart...I think it would have be okay hadn't he had made it such a big secret kind of situation... But, I bet it'll be bye bye to his fucking corporate loving ass. 2. This is halarious. The anorexia finally caught up with her hardcore. NOW tell me how sexy skinny girls are *pu-leese*. The girl looks like she was vaccum sealed. 3. This guy is such an idiot that he literally made me 'lol'...it really seems as though he's a bit frightened at the fact that so many liberals can come together and unite like they are in Vegas. Fuckind mind blowing to the ultra conservatives I 'spose. 4. And finally, another 'LOL' worthy post. ha ha ha ... Like, wtf?
|| Kian, 7:37:00 AM