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So I got a new laptop, and now I'm just trying to get things situated on it. I hate haveing to refind all my bookmarks because I've forgotten all the actual URLs from having all those snazzy buttons on Mozilla. Samis helped me with the picture situation, while we were on the same server she sent me almost all the pictures on her computer, which were mostly all the ones I had on mine before. So now I have a lovely filtered version of my pictures instead of have a zillion. But the music...it's been the hardest part. I had close to 3000 songs on my other laptop that I had collected over my first year in University. It was a fucking good collection. So now I'm trying to make a decent collection now. I've managed to get just under 500 songs in the past couple days. One thing I really really like, is music that barely anyone has heard of. After some gandering, I found a really hype site that posts news and clips of new Canadian Music! The only issue I have with it, is that it doesn't filter out the crap and the pop music....however when you look in the pop categories there are some cool ass things like Broken Social Scene and Feist....BUT! CBC radio 3 doesn't have shit! I was so impressed when I searched for Hip Hop and got stuff like K'naan, and not shitty mainstream shit. What I especially like about CBC radio 3 is that if you sign up you can create your own play list. From there just search through all the playlists or artists and add them to the play list! It's so cool.
|| Kian, 7:42:00 AM