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Monday Morning Music...prt5, from Metroid's bed.

Monday Morning Music…part…5? So in honour of the fact that I’m in bed with Metroid right now (no, we’re not lesbians!) I think we’ll do a music section devoted to country music. …or Shakira. *thinks hard*… Okay, after pondering a bit, I’ve decided on country music. …So…uuuh. I guess the best way to do this is to talk about country music that is actually worth listening to! Ha ha, and believe it or not – there is actually quite a bit of it. Instead of writing profiles on each individual country signer that has some real talent, I (with the help of Metroid by my side to remind me of all the names…and who I like…) will construct a top 15 country singers list! How d’ya like them apples?!

1. Toby Keith – He’s the sexiest cowboy in the entire universe! Like…really. He just needs to dance around naked all the time. 2. Paul Brandt – I have a secret love for Paul…we might be meeting him at the Canada Day Jam that is held yearly at Sunny Side Park, downtown Toronto. He has good songs! Like the convoy one, and the one with the flying…”Im gonna fllllly! Defy space and gravity” Although not scientifically inclusive, it’s still a good song. Oh, and in another one he pronounces fertile wrong, which pisses me off as a geographer, but that’s okay. He’s a good singer. 3. Dierks Bentley – he sings this one song ‘what was I thinking’ that I make Sam play over and over and over and over and over and over again…(we’ll come back to the “over and over again”s) 4. Josh Gracin – “breaker breaker one nine she’s a big old flirt!” …that’s the one line, of the singular song of his that I know. Fucking love that line. 5. Joe Nichols – who I refer to as ‘the impossible guy’ because he sings this song called “The Impossible” and it’s really cute… 6. Tim McGraw – this is where we get back to our ‘over and over again’s. He sings it with Nelly, yes, the rapper. And actually, it’s really good. Strangest. Duet. Ever. 7. Dixie Chicks – aka the Dicks and Chicks, and “the band with the fat lady” …but apparently she was just pregnant… I saw their most recent video and let out a shocking “Hey! She’s not fat anymore!” …and Sam told me “Uh, yeah..she had her baby.” …So I guess she wasn’t just fat. Hmm. 8. Gary Allen – Awwwwww I cry in one of his songs. It’s called “Tough Little Boys” and it’s so sad, and cute. 9. Lonestar – Okay, so they sing a song called “Mr. Mom” and it’s probably the most fun song on the planet. There is one line that goes “sweet potatoes in my lazy chair” but however it is much more fun to be sang “sweet potatoes in my underwear” just, for when you go to sing along. 10. Rascal Flatts – Although the only song I like by them is …rather religious sounding, it’s just good and called “God Bless the Broken Road”. Good song, …could be like “FSM bless the broken road” and it might be a bit better. 11. George Canyon – he’s the pedophile pervert. He sings this one song that is to his ‘daughter’ *eye roll* 12. Brad Paisley – he sings the most beautiful song in the entire world called “Whiskey Lullaby”… its depressing, but really good. 13. Big and Rich – they are probably the funnest group in the entire world. They have midgets and black rapping cowboys in their video “Save a Horse Ride A Cowboy” (and don’t we wish we could all be riding a cowboy? Really now.) They also have funny lines like “What what” total 80’s style in the middle of their song and a break out “AND WE MADE LOOOOVE” line after a lovely rap by a white guy that can’t rap. 14. Willy Nelson – is just old and cute. And who can’t love an old and cute man. J 15. Keith Urban - *drools*. …

So there we go. My country likings. ...I basically know one, max 2 songs by each artist, but...hey, they're at least all good songs! hehe.

I feel like this is the 2nd week in a row that I've skimped out on my Monday Morning Music things...but whatever. *shoots you the middle finger*

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