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Moral crisis...over ice cream

I’ve recently started working at the London Ice Cream Co. It’s really not that bad, in fact sometimes it’s fun to get into a discussion with customers and hear about all their interesting tales. Its fun to talk to the kids, and hear about their favorite ice cream flavors and to see how happy they are when you hand them over that big ice cream cone. But today during my shift a family came in that was kind of strange, but no matter how strange the customer, we smile and scoop. (That, by the way, is basically what an ice cream job entails, smile and scoop.) After I finished giving the 5 children their cones, the father looks at me and says “It is un-godly to give children uneven cones.” I unintentionally made a funny face, because it caught me off guard… not that I had made a particularly large attempt at keeping the cones even, but its not like the kids had notices, they were all ½ way through their cones. I apologize anyway, and go to hand him his change telling him to have a great day. His response was “well, I hope you have a horrible day, the lord has no blessings on a girl like you.” Oh my. My supervisor overheard this, and after the man had left she came in and asked what the hell had happened. (She wasn’t mad…she’s a 17 year old girl in special high schooling because of misbehavior.) I told her the story, and mumbled at the end “fucking theists.” Or something to that affect. Well, it turns out my supervisor is a very devoted Christian, and she said that he was just doing ‘the work of the Lord’. I laughed thinking she was joking…then noticed the completely serious look she had on her face. So I asked her how that was doing the work of the Lord. She retorted by saying that all Christians are just doing the work of the Lord through spreading the word of the bible and values, Christians are simply raising their voices saying ‘enough is enough’ and are trying to take back North America. That there needs to be more Christians and Christian values in our society to have more love and peace. …My jaw literally dropped open. But instead of just calling her an idiot, I said that I agreed with her one point that there are a lack of values and morals in our societies. But the way that Christian values direct their efforts are on the wrong areas. She freaked out and gave me this nice long speech about killing babies, spreading STDs, making homosexuality normal…etc. I said that that is exactly what I was talking about. Instead of focusing our energy on preventing humans from choice, and human rights we should be putting moral judgment on things like killing thousands of soldiers across seas, and our lying governments and on poverty. She said those were secondary. That the Lord says abortion is wrong, and that the Lord says this and that. …By this time about 4 other people on staff had joined us. 3 of which joined with me, and the other with my supervisor. The mini debate ended as these usually do with “whatever, you’re wrong…” and walking away shaking our heads in disbelief. This video is a news interview with one of my all time heros Sunsara Taylor and one of the people in the world that I dissagree with and dislike the most Ron Luce. Sunsara gets ripped apart a little bit, but...I still stand by her.
|| Kian, 8:22:00 PM