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National day of Slayer...

So its June 6th, 2006 - 06.06.06. National Day of Slayer. So no, its not the day of our light giver (Lucifer) and its not a huge Satanist day (although they are having a huge public display of a ritual in LA, the first public Satanist ritual ever, being attended by people from 9 different countries.) But although it is National Slayer day, 2000 christians in America, found it necessary to pray for 24 hours straight, along with similar gatherings in 23 other countries. So here are the top 5 Satanic movies as seen on The Hour:
  1. Legend
  2. The Devil's Advocate
  3. Angel Heart
  4. South Park
  5. The Exocist
George on the hour had an interview with the high priest of satanism, Peter Gilmore, centered in Hell's Kitchen, New York.. They don't worship satan at all but find the universe indifferent to us - and therefore live for themselves. The point in life is to find meaning for yourself. Really it's the christians that put the evil and the devil into it... There is obviously more to the religion than that, but google it, there is info everywhere if you're interested. It's actually pretty interesting.
|| Kian, 5:39:00 PM