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So why do we call ourselves opposite-liberals? Well, we think now is a very find time to demonstrate it so y’all can fully understand! Samis and Kian…are very different, yet we’re best friends anyway and seem to find some sort of common ground. We met on a snow day at our middle school, and only started talking because we were the only two girls there. The following year we ended up having the first three periods of our first semester at high school together. Some random night Sam invited Kian to stay over at her house. We downed a bottle of wine together, got caught in a thunderstorm and Kian slept on Sam’s pool table. Ever since then, we haven’t been able to get rid of each other. So first, the basics…personality wise Sam is relatively shy, unless she’s with all of her friends which is when she gets unbearably loud! (Kidding darling…) Kian, on the other hand, will talk away with any person at any time and will talk your fucking ear off, but when she gets together with all the close friends…she gets a bit quieter, plays with the music or just watches them play cards. As of now, Sam is focused on simply getting her undergraduate, and then heading out East to settle as a Maritimer. Kian, on the other hand, is switching schools and majors after her first year and won’t be content until she has a PhD and knows absolutely everything that can be crammed into her head. Kian is smart, culturally, politically and scholarly speaking and as a smart ass. Sam is more book smart, knows what she needs to know. She’s also very life smart. She’ll be able to cook a thanksgiving meal where as Kian will be calling her up from California/New York/ Sweden (where ever the fuck she ends up) asking if Sam can either send her some leftovers, or if she can come to visit to get a decent meal in her. Sam will have a house in the country, a garden, a pick up truck, a kid or a dog and a husband that she’ll love and be with forever. Kian will be in high rise condo in some big city divorcing her third husband and sending her one adopted child to privet school – again calling Sam for many much needed breaks! For leisure time Kian peruses the news, and reads things about quantum physics, and gets into debates about abortion rights, Christianity and such…where as Sam kicks it like a normal 19 year old and has fun with life. Kian’s always got a new guy, and telling new stories about what she did ‘back in the day’, and fighting with people. Sam’s content on living the single life, and being kind spirited and generous… generosity is something Kian seems to lack severely. Kian goes for the smart, punky, goofy guys that are loud and annoying but will grow up to be a business like man where as Sam would rather be seen with a hick boy who is down right dirty. For musical tastes Sam indulges in the stylings of those such as Paul Brandt and Toby Keith and Shakira… aka Country music and dancey pop. Kian hates country with a raging passion and likes old rock like Pink Floyd and new indie music like Pretty Girls Dig Graves and Broken Social Scene. (You can imagine the tiffs this creates in the car! That is when we resort to Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys, something we actually do have in common and both secretly share a liking for.) They have no common ground when it comes to movies. Sam likes Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman, both fun and funny movies. Where as Kian likes The Constant Gardener and Shawshank… movies that are a bit harder to swallow. Although – Dodgeball…we’re both fans. We drink different kinds of beer, Sam drinks Coors Light, and Kian drinks ‘anything in a green bottle’. Sam like Rex Goudie, Kian likes Rex Murphy. Sam is into the Toronto Make Me Laughs for a hockey team…where as Kian prefers to cheer for a team that isn’t such a joke, like The Colorado Avalanche. (Ha ha ha ha, can you guess who’s writing this?) What I’m getting at here, is we pretty much disagree about everything. But that doesn’t stop us from doing absolutely everything and anything for each other. Sam’s my girl, in a non-dyke kind of way, and she always will be. …I highly doubt a day will ever come when I’ll meet someone that goes above her on my priority list, not any boy in the world… well, except maaaybe Peter Forsberg. But…I’d at least hesitate.
|| Kian, 9:32:00 PM