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Colbert had Christopher Noxon on his show, the author of Rejuvenile. I basic idea is that ...we don't grow up anymore. Even adults aren't really grown up, they're rejuveniled, they skateboard, play lazer tag, drink with their kids...etc. I guess this relates to the post I made about the adults smoking pot with their kids in the basement - they just won't grow up and out of that. It sounds like a fluffy theory that Noxon has going on, and I won't read the book - but if I did I'm sure that I would find a few things to disagree with, and too many generalizations for my likings. But...I won't read the book, so I'll never know. However, the blog is kind of interesting, and gives me the impression that he wrote the book as an excuse for himself.
|| Kian, 12:30:00 PM