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"See, we're not losing biodiversity"

A friend of mine sent me this link and the comment "see, there is no biodiversity problem at all we're actually finding NEW species". I couldn't help buy el-oh-el at him, and then try to explain to him that one shark species doesn't make up for the thousands of other speices that are lost, and the megafaunas, and the bacteria in the Brazilian rainforest that we're cutting all to hell. But, he maintained his stance that as long as we're finding new species, there is no biodiversity crisis what so ever. :( I instructed him to go here and read all the articles...he is still working on that little instruction. But he has sent me one message after about 20 minutes of silence of "oh..." hehe OoOoO, just as an addition to that, look at this zebra thing that is actually related to the giraffe! It has the cutest little feet ever.
|| Kian, 7:49:00 AM