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She was INSANE *in the membrane*

I'm of course speaking of my totally nutty Australia friend, her name is Ems. She makes Kanye look like an amature to being awesome. But this has nothing to do with her, except that she brings some validity to the statement that Australians are freakin' whacked up in the best way possible. I met her father too - he also adds validity, as does this girl Elessa from my old highschool, who colored her hair so much that it actually turned grey and started falling out...so we're 3 for 3 on the crazy Australians. Now, Australians are eating plastic! The post makes an extremely good unstated point - Vegemite takes like horrible plastic. Well, that might be too fair, vegemite tastes like eating your own puke that has sat out from the night before after a loooong evening with the tequila body shots. But how amazing would that plastic be? We all know that plastic bags cost nothing to produce. If you don't get them for free at the grocery store, they're only $0.05. (I can tell you why Food Basics/No Frills charge, when I was doing my training I got like a 1/2 hour speech about it.)... This bloke Vincent Cobb runs a website called Reusable Bags he did a few calculations extrapolated from the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2001 and found that somewhere betwee 500 billion to a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide anually, and 1 - 3% of those end up in a landfill each year. That might seem like a really tiny precentage but thats one million bags, and then factor in all those little candy wrappers, and packaging from everyones new MP3 player, or whatever it is the kids are buying these days...and that's a lot of plastic. So what? Well, it can take hundreds of years for these plastics to decompose. And when they do decompose they release toxins into the soils that surround them, and our water sources. However, you wont see a switch to paper bags, as they cost $0.03 more than plastic bags, they are less reliable and actually take more energy to make. Still I say - do as the Irish and put a tax on the bags! (I'm aware that link is old. but...whateves) After a 15% tax increase on plastic bags, the consumption of them decreased by over 90%! How great is that? At school we used reusable bags, and not just for shopping, the student counsel was handing them out during orientation week, so you couldn't walk into a first or second year class room without seeing a reusable cloth bag being used to carry books, or food and drink, laptops, playing cards, books etc. to make it through those deadly 3 hour classes. Also, if plastic being a not so awesome product is sort of new news to you, I recommend reading Cobb's bit on the "Real Cost of Free". I will say, granted, it is midly biased and wont give you the pluses of plastic bags, but really...these things that are listed in the link far out do the goods. And if he convinces you, the reuseable bags he's selling really aren't that expensive. I'd buy some if I didnt already have about 5 from O Week. So this new plastic looks pretty neat, and I hope it gets developed sooner rather than later, and I hope everyone reuses their plastic bags, or buys reusable ones. *props* to ya if you do.
|| Kian, 6:37:00 PM